Best travel pillow

One of my favorite ever companies that I adore is Casper. I wrote about them earlier when we visited AutoCamp in Russian River and slept for the first time with a Casper mattress and pillow. Once we got home we ordered the mattress and pillows for our bedroom because we were so well rested during our stay at AutoCamp.

I was at Target recently shopping for an upcoming trip and I saw that they now have my favorite Casper pillow in a TRAVEL SIZE! It’s meant to be a napping pillow but it comes with a pillow case and travel bag which makes it so perfect to put in a backpack for travel. It’s literally designed exactly like the pillow for the bed but just smaller so you can sleep on an airplane, in a car, or with a sleeping bag.

For those who don’t know. Casper pillows are designed to be a pillow within a pillow for extra comfort.

I’m so excited to try it!

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