Improve your life with a razor subscription

TLDR; it’s a subscription service called Billie!

Billie is a female-first shave and body brand that’s putting an end to the “Pink Tax” on razors. I don’t know if you noticed but female razors at Target are way more expensive then male razors…why? It’s because they are in female-friendly colors I guess? Billie is putting a stop to this nonsense and is offering a service that is convenient and super affordable.

Everything about this service and the company is awesome. I love the marketing campaign they have going on right now where they have more realistic marketing of showing their models with hair because we women aren’t some weird hairless cats! The products follow a much more minimalistic design.

The service’s marketing slogan is great too: “Razors built for womenkind”.

Anyway enough about me obsessing over their marketing. The reason I think this is the best service is because:

  1. It is so easy to sign up
  2. The first package is your “starter kit” and it comes with a razor holder with this super strong putty like sticker so you can put it anywhere in your shower and I’ve been using it for a year and not once did my razor or holder fall because of the water or anything like that
  3. The razor handle and the holder are connected via a magnet allowing for a super clean way to store your razor when you are done showering so it doesn’t collect bacteria
  4. There are really pretty colors to choose from: Peach, Light Blue and Dark Blue
  5. Overall the packaging is beautiful, the first package is a larger ziploc type bag and then all your subsequent packages are just the razors and come in a smaller ziploc type bag also which I actually find useful when traveling
  6. After you sign up, it is super easy to manage your subscription or skip a delivery if you don’t need more razors
  7. It’s cheap – only $9 for 5 razors that get sent to you automatically
  8. Free Shipping!

If you are interested to try it here is a referral link to get a special discount: