2 easy steps to beautiful haircare

Whether you style your hair with a blow dryer, a hair straightener, a curler or just go out when it is sunny, your hair will love you if you care for it properly. It’s really important to care for your hair when you style it with heat especially so today I’m going to share two products that I recently discovered to prime and protect my hair before styling it.

1. Prime your hair

I love to towel dry my hair after showering and then immediatly put something in my hair to prime it. Drybar Prep Rally & Prep Detangler is perfect for that! You just spray it all over your wet hair, brush it through and you are good to go.

This pre-styling spray is awesome because it has a lot of good things in it for your hair like biotin, vitamin B and UV Blockers. It’s formulated to be a light weight and non-oily heat protectant that also works to hydrate the hair!

Hack Tip: I usually shower at night and spray this on, then braid my hair and go to sleep. That way in the morning when I unbraid my hair, it feels a bit damp but not too wet so that styling it is easier and goes a lot faster! This has been my hair routine for years because I like to have slightly damp hair when I blow dry it but I want to do it quickly in the morning when I get ready to work.

2. Give your hair that shine

Next, I use the Drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil after I finish blow drying my hair so that I can smooth out any frizziness and rejuvenate it. This oil is formulated to eliminate frizz, add shine to your hair and not weigh down your hair because you can reapply it throughout the day if you want it. I personally don’t put too much so my hair doesn’t get oily, a dime sized amount of the product is perfect. You can put it on through your hair before styling (when it is wet) or right afterwards.

Which heat protectants do you use? I’d love to try more 🙂

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