Secret little getaway in Mexico: Holbox

We were flying into Cancun, Mexico for a wedding which was held at an all inclusive resort. These type of resorts are really not my scene simply because it just feels like an extension of America. The food is commercialized, everyone around you is American or at least speaks English and the resorts are designed so that you really don’t have to leave for anything.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I really like finding places that help me escape the beaten paths and the awful tourist traps. I want to be immersed in cultures and try foods I’ve never had. I want to learn from locals and not feel like a tourist.

Before I flew into Mexico, my brother had already beat me and decided to backpack in Mexico on his own a month before the wedding to go an explore. He told me that he learned about a place called Holbox from some of the locals and that I had to go check it out.

I asked the concierge how I would get there and gave me this look like, “how would you know about Holbox”? She pushed back saying that it is too far from Cancun and that advised that it wasn’t worth the trip to check it out. I insisted that I wanted to go so she shared some bus info to get there or I could just hire a private taxi driver to take me. Since we weren’t in Cancun for a long time we decided to just hire a taxi driver to take us. It’s about a 2 hour ride to the ferry that takes you to the island. The ferry ride is pretty quick as well.

Once we got to Holbox, I instantly knew I would love it. It’s so quaint and there are no roads or cars on the island. Golf carts are the main ground transportation used and they drive along dirt paths. The food here is wonderful and the atmosphere is so calming. There are tourists there as well as locals vacationing but the vibe is very different then a generic Mexican resort.

We went to the beach and walked around for a bit to see the beautiful crystal blue water. Then we walked around town being food and admiring all the murals on the island. Some call Holbox “Isle de Murales” which literally means island of murals. The murals are so beautiful and artistic throughout the town.

Afterwards we tried to see if we can squeeze a spa appointment in at the Holbox Casa Las Tortugas. This boutique hotel is so cute and has a similar boho style as Tulum’s vibe. It also has a delicious restaurant on the beach with comfortable beach beds. I highly recommend!!

Overall, it was totally worth the long trek from Cancun to Holbox! It was such a memorable experience and not a lot of people know about this gem of an island in Mexico! I can’t wait to go back and spend a longer amount of time there. Holbox will be the next Tulum. As Tulum becomes more and more mainstream and commercialized, I predict that Holbox will become the next destination to “escape the beaten path”.