How to hide hereditary dark circles

I have to say…my family is beautiful. We are such a unique mix of colors, hair types, heights, and personalities. I’m proud to be originally Egyptian and having dark long hair, big brown eyes and golden skin is great but…I did inherit something I don’t love….HEREDITARY DARK CIRCLES. Dun dun dun.

Now, if you ever meet me, you would think I’m a simple, go-with-the-flow girl that isn’t super high maintenance but then you think twice because of all the make up I wear now. Growing up I was really self-consious of my dark circles. Honestly, I still am! If I didn’t wear any make-up, people would see my dark circles and think I looked so tired or sad. I didn’t really know how to wear makeup or even figure out what colors looked good on my tan, golden skin. All my close friends had lighter skin then me and it was easy for them to find colors that worked well with their blonde hair and blue eyes when we went shopping. When we went to Sephora, the make-up artists never knew what to do with me. I always looked so bad after the complimentary “make overs” with weird glittery blue eye shadow and wrong foundation colors.

Until I went to Mac Event and met a make-up artist that introduced me to the concept of concealers long before concealers were the in thing because of the Kardashians! My outlook and beauty and make-up changed and I gained so much confidence when I found a fix to my hereditary dark circles.

I have been wearing the same concealer since that Mac event and it has been 6 years. I have tried dozens and dozens of different kinds to see if there is anything better than MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer (color: NC42) and nothing compares. Trust me. I’ve tried them all….such as the concealers from the following brands:

* Bobby Brown

* Estee Lauder

* Nars


* Sephora

* Laura Mercier

* IT Cosmetics

* Makeup Forever

* TEMPTU Undereye Concealer

* and the list goes on

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The reason I have stuck with the MAC Pro longwear concealer is for a couple of reasons. It is a great color that isn’t too dark or too light, it’s just light enough to lift the darkness from my dark circles. I also need something that I can wear all day without having to do touchups cuz nobody got time for that. I hate hate hate it when my concealers crease and the MAC pro longwear concealers are the only ones that do a decent job.

IMG_8439.jpeg how to hide hereditary dark circles How to hide hereditary dark circles img 8439