How to get a salon blowout at home

I love the volumized look of hair that is freshly blow dried but who has the time to hit up a salon or DryBar for a quick blow out?

Today I am going to share with you my secret weapon to getting that blow dry look in as little as 15mins with an extremely affordable tool!

First off, I actually don’t use a typical blow dyer or brush. I use something called a hot air brush…specifically, my favorite one that I have been using the past 6 years is the Revlon Ceramic Quick Hot Air Styling Kit (in pink).

There are a number of reasons why a hot air brush is the best! Especially for someone that has long and wavy hair.

1 – It is Affordable

Not only is this tool extremely affordable at about $35, it makes drying and styling my hair quick and easy. I look great afterwards too! People at work always think that I go get it blow dried at a salon or something.

You can find this hot air brush as well as others from different brands at major retailers like Target.

2 – It is a two in one: Blow Dryer and Brush

I always hated using both of hands to dry my hair with a blow dryer and I would get so frustrated and tired that I would quit mid way through and take out my hair straightener to heat up while my hair just air dried.

With hot air brush you only have to use one tool and one hand. I use my other hand to kind of guide the pieces of my hair … this is easier to understand when you watch my video below 😉

3 – It is Fast

Drying long and curly hair is a pain because it takes so long. With the hot air brushes, they dry while they style. I love that I don’t have to dry my hair with a blow dryer then style my hair with a straightener or curling iron. It used to take me 45 mins to an hour to dry and style my hair. Now it takes around 15 mins! 15 MINS PEOPLE!

4 – Dry when your hair is damp

I like to take a shower at night before I go to sleep then I braid my hair loosely when it’s wet so that when I wake up it is slightly damp. Having damp hair is the best when using a hot air brush.

When I wake up I start drying my hair in sections with a heat protectant — I recommend the Aveda Brilliant Damage Control.

If you can’t dry your hair when it is damp, you can still use the hot air brush with wet hair…it just might take longer. I recommend squeezing your wet hair throughly with a towel and then you might need to go over each section of your hair multiple times to dry it. I usually dry wet hair before events and it turns out really well because I take my time to really dry it thus styling it better. I just like having my damp hair if I need to quickly dry my hair before work in the morning!