Greek island dreaming

It was just a regular day, I was working and I received a text from one of my friends saying … “I just booked a ticket to Greece and you are coming with me!”My friend and I had been talking about going to Greece for a whole year and then one day she decided to just book the airplane ticket and do it and then I was inspired…so I booked a ticket as soon as I got home.We were off to see the beautiful Greek islands in a couple weeks and I couldn’t wait. We decided that we would fly into Athens, hang out there for a couple hours and then catch a flight to Santorini. From Santorini we were to hop on a ferry to take us to an island called Paros. Then from Paros, we would take another Ferry to the famous Mykonos.It was hard deciding which islands to go to and for how many days because there are so many islands that we researched but since we were only there for 1 week, we had to make a decision and prioritize. This just means that we will have to go back again someday 🙂


Since we were exhausted from our flight, we freshened up a bit in the airport bathrooms, rented a locker and then hopped into a cab to go check out the Acropolis! It is really hot there but you can buy smoothies, iced coffees and snacks there. I recommend bringing sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat!IMG_0053.JPG greek island dreaming Greek island dreaming img 0053


Where we stayed
Sky Fall Luxury Suites – This place is beyond words. Its location gives you the perfect 360 degree view of the sky and it brings you to tears during the sunrise and sunset! No filters are ever needed while taking pictures at this hotel! This is also an adults only resort, so it is super quiet and some of the rooms have private pools or hot tubs (check out ours below!). I highly recommend this hotel! The staff is super helpful and always accommodating and the food at the restaurant is spectacular.

What we did
We followed the concierge’s recommendation and did a more adventurous excursion which was to hike the volcano near Santorini off of Oia so that we could swim in the hot springs (heated by the volcano of course).

Let me just start off by saying this excursion was memorable. I will never forget this experience because it was unlike anything I’ve done before. First of all, we were running really late to get a cab that could take us to Oia from our hotel. Once your cab gets to Oia, you need to walk quite a bit to get to the ferry port which little did we know is at the bottom of the cliff from where you get dropped off!!!

From the top of the cliff where the cab drops you off you have two options:
1. Follow a path through the shops to the donkey rental/take the steps down yourself
2. Or you can buy tickets to take a tram down

We had no idea that we had two options…we just thought the only way down was to take the 300 hundred steps down THE CLIFF! Since we were running late and the ship that takes you to the volcano leaves right on the dot, we ran…no we SPRINTED DOWN THOSE 300 HUNDRED STEPS! While sprinting down, we had to dodge the donkeys and their poop. Fun times!

Once we got down, we unfortunately missed the ship by two minutes. We had a good laugh and then ended up buying new tickets to catch the next ship. This is where we learned about the tram that takes you up and down the cliff thankfully 🙂 We hung out in Oia in the meantime which is gorgeous and is famous for those beautiful sunset photos when you search Greece. We shopped the little boutiques and ate some lunch and then took the tram down to catch the ship to head to the volcano.

FYI the tram gets busy before these tours and there is usually a line to buy tickets because you can’t buy them ahead of time so again don’t be late.

image greek island dreaming Greek island dreaming image

Once you get to the volcano, I personally thought that hiking the volcano was hard. It was so hot and the volcano was black so the sun is literally beaming on you so make sure to bring water.

There really isn’t anything at the top so don’t expect to see lava or anything. Once you are done with the hike, you get back on the ship to head to the hot springs.

So tip number one – learn or know how to swim for this excursion! One of our friends did not know how to swim so we brought a blow up tube for her but everyone else didn’t know this and could not experience the hot springs. The staff will not provide you with life jackets and will not let you jump in if you don’t know how to swim. You end up waiting for everyone back at the ship.

Also, the ship doesn’t drop you right at the hot springs because it is too large of a ship so the way you get there is you jump into the ocean which is freezing (so brace yourself) and then you swim about 100 meters to get to the hot springs. No one told us this either haha. Again, it’s all about the experience 🙂

IMG_0325 greek island dreaming Greek island dreaming img 0325
Our ship looked like a classic pirate ship

Overall, Santorini is full of beautiful things to see. We took the next day to just go for a walk and explore shops, doorways, views and blue tunnels!

36136057_2015469798524985_6260192980297056256_n greek island dreaming Greek island dreaming 36136057 2015469798524985 6260192980297056256 n

Take lots of pictures and enjoy the white washed buildings, amazing food and gorgeous views while you are there!

36043943_2114768558761417_5065281478812762112_n greek island dreaming Greek island dreaming 36043943 2114768558761417 5065281478812762112 n


Where we stayed

We didn’t splurge on the hotel in Paros because we were meeting up with a large group of friends and this hotel is super accommodating for large parties. The hotel we stayed at was called Kosmitis Hotel in Paros.If you are looking to do that then I recommend this hotel! It’s really affordable too.

There is a pool and a cafe that offers breakfast every morning. The hotel staff is really sweet and will help you rent ATVs or figure out things to do nearby. The hotel is also walking distance from restaurants which made it easy for us to grab a bite to eat late at night!

What we did

We sailed on a boat to another island called “Anti-Paros” which is famous for the fact that Tom Hanks apparently owns property there and regularly vacations in the quaint little island. People say that you can occasionally spot him at the ice cream shop in Anti-Paros called Vicki’s Ice Cream. We did not though.

greek island dreaming Greek island dreaming img 0887IMG_1340.jpg greek island dreaming Greek island dreaming img 1340

We booked ATVs the next day day and drove to a place called Punda Coast which is a beach lounge and it was so cute there! They have a pool, beach lounge area, bars and live music. There is also a place to rent water sport type activities. We ended up renting a speed boat and did some tubing.

IMG_1152.jpg greek island dreaming Greek island dreaming img 1152
Punda Coast


Where we stayed
We stayed at a place called Petasos Beach Resort & Spa and we absolutely do not recommend this place. 

The hotel staff is horrible and the service was not great. As soon as we walked in, we got a vibe from the hotel staff that they didn’t want us there. They didn’t show us where our room is or have someone bring our luggage up even when we asked. We were so disappointed. This hotel turned us off from Mykonos once we arrived. Their spa is not that nice and was really overpriced. Their pool gets crowded as well.

What we did

We went out and eat at a beautiful place called Scorpios Mykonos and this place made us love Mykonos after are poor experience with our hotel.

The food is incredible and the decor of this place is amazing. The service was great even though they were busy and packed. They also had amazing live music to get you in the mood! Do not miss this place! We went there for dinner but they are open earlier in the day so you can lounge on the beach or terrace.

35999706_2169461426429862_2008018754159509504_n greek island dreaming Greek island dreaming 35999706 2169461426429862 2008018754159509504 n

The bathrooms had this beautifully designed sink that stopped everyone in their tracks to take a pic!

IMG_1384-2 greek island dreaming Greek island dreaming img 1384 2