My mermaid wedding dress

I’ve been married for about 3 years and time has blown by since the wedding! I remember thinking that I didn’t really care about having the perfect wedding party as long as I loved the dress. Finding the right dress really is difficult. Most wedding dresses are made to order and that means you have to wait for months before receiving the dress you ordered.I remember when I was shopping around, I just had over 8 months until the wedding yet the look on the stylist’s face would be devastation that I hadn’t ordered a dress yet and I need to pick something soon. Maybe it is a tactic to get you to order too but who knows.zAnyway today I’m going to share details of my dress because I love looking at pictures of it and I miss wearing it!I bought my dress at a cute little boutique in California and it was a Casablanca Gown with layers of different fabrics ranging from silk to chiffon to tulle. I loved my dress because it wasn’t a classic white dress and the layer below the transparent tulle was a light pink silk. The dress had a sweetheart neckline and pearl buttons on the corset in the back. I knew I wanted to fitted mermaid dress that was unique to match my style yet elegant and simple.I paired it with a long off-white Pronovias veil that was sprinkled with ostrich feathers. The tulle on the veil matched perfectly with the first layer of my dress.